Core Drilling

From 12 mm diameter to 600 mm in diameter. Drill to any depth, drill through walls, floors and inverted (upside down), on any angle, using electric and hydraulic systems.


Dustless grinding system, surface grinding for paint, adhesive, & line removal, grinding of raised joints to remove trip hazards by cup disc grinding or scarifying.


Handheld cutting up to 270 mm depth on floor and walls. Petrol, Electric and hydraulic systems available for fumeless & dustless cutting for internal and confined spaces cutting, and petrol cutting used in well ventilated and external work areas. For Demolition, ventilation ducts, window penetrations, doorways, swimming pools etc., environmental slurry  control  solutions..

Roadsaw Cutting Asphalt/Concrete

Cutting & demolition of suspended & ground slabs, small machines for confined spaces(lawn mower size), trench cutting.

Wall Sawing

Track mounted saw for precision cutting, used for cutting of swimming pools, beams etc. where concrete is deeper or harder. Wallsawing is remotely operated, making it a safer alternative to handheld machine operation.

Soff-Cutting/Expansion Cutting

Same or next day expansion cutting, wet cutting (using Handsaw or Roadsaw) or dry cutting (using Soff-cut machines).