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Effective concrete cutting requires serious precision and expert maneuvering of high-quality equipment. The team at Ace Concrete cutting are highly trained concrete cutters who understand the importance and safety requirements for every concrete project. This ensures the exact cuts are made at the exact depth. 

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Ace Concrete Cutting has been a registered company since 1989. We’re a family-owned business based on the Gold Coast and operating throughout Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW. We specialise in cutting, drilling, and grinding concrete and asphalt. All our work is fully insured to provide peace of mind for our valued clients. We have catered to many residents and businesses on the Gold Coast & Brisbane and would love to assist you with your concrete cutting needs.

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Ace Concrete Cutting’s wide range of concrete cutting Gold Coast services consists of core drilling, concrete grinding, handsaw, ringsaw & roadsaw cutting, wall sawing, soff-cutting, and honed concrete. We have decades of experiences and have completed thousands of jobs across the Gold Coast & Brisbane. If you are looking for concrete cutting Gold Coast, take a look at all we have to offer by using the button below.

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Ace Concrete Cutting has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in ensuring we are always up to date with the best concrete cutting and concrete grinding equipment on the market. This means clients of Ace Concrete Cutting can be sure to have the job done faster, cheaper, and more precisely.

Popular Concrete Services

Surface coatings, such as tile adhesive, paint and epoxy, can be removed by grinding concrete with tools and equipment that have diamond segments. We can remove virtually anything from your concrete surface using specialized grinding equipment, including adhesive residue, paint, and epoxy.

With concrete core drilling, a round hole is created in brick, asphalt, precast concrete, concrete, and a variety of other materials. With diamond drills, holes of up to 500 mm in diameter can be drilled into structures of a variety of orientations, such as floors, ceilings, and walls. There are various applications of core holes, including plumbing, heating, electrical wiring, air conditioning services, telephone lines, data cabling, manhole taps, water pipes, computer lines, fiber optics, and sprinkler systems.

For long lasting quality floors, we use only the finest products and utilise modern equipment and dust extraction systems. This will ensure that your area will be back in use in a minimum amount of time. We provide a complete residential, commercial, and industrial flooring solution to the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Its hard-wearing characteristics make honed concrete a suitable choice for pathways, porches, footpaths, and driveways. Upon drying, the sealer absorbs into the concrete, creating an impenetrable barrier that prevents dust, dirt, stains, and microorganisms from penetrating the surface. The upfront costs of honed concrete are lower than those of polished concrete. Honed concrete needs to be resealed to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Having a full range of equipment available to handle most sizes of jobs with tight access being a specialty of ours, we are concrete breaker specialists. We can cut, pull up and remove that tired concrete driveway or concrete patio in no time. Contact our concrete cutting Gold Coast team at Ace Concrete Cutting to arrange a free on-site quote.